8882 was born in the French mountains in 1968 with the help of pharmacists who were encountering many skin pathologies caused by exposure to the sun in the ski resorts and the Pyrenees.

The first experimental studies were carried out at a very high altitude,on Mont Blanc,where there is an intense polarization of light and strong radiation,in order to guarantee an effective and efficient protection for everyone who journeys to great heights.

The studies of 8882 were directed in parallel with components which have a particular affinity with the skin.

So CHELONINE® was born : exclusively formulated by molecoles of vegetable origin,with a small turtle (a symbol of longevity)as its emblem and the symbol of the producer.

CHELONINE® is used in sinergy with a long-lasting effect moisturizing complex which helps to prevent ageing of the skin in the mountains.Skin ageing is due to two principle factors:

  • The cold which slows down the production of sebum (the lipidic layer which protects the skin).
  • Dehydration ,which follows the decompression found at a high altitude and which causes a loss of water molecules.